Who is Evolution Interactive?

In a nutshell, Evolution Interactive is a single person. Me. My name is John Keoni Morris.

When I was 6 years old or so my parents bought me a new bike for Christmas (a cool yellow Schwinn with a banana seat). I excitedly took it outside, got a pair of wrenches and proceeded to disassemble it. After examining all the parts laying out in front of me and figuring out how they all functioned, I put the bike back together and went for a ride. I just needed to know exactly how it all worked before I was willing to give it a shot. That inquisitive nature and the ability to see how individual parts make up the whole has followed me to this day.

I started programming in 1981 and have been doing it for a living since 1987. Shortly after graduating from high school (and my 18th birthday), I went down to the tax department and got my business license. I have been a contract geek ever since.

I guess that, when it comes down to it, I just love working on interesting projects. For the most part, this has revolved around computer and video game development, but I wouldn't classify myself as simply a "game developer". Take a look at my portfolio for some other kinds of projects that I have worked on. I have worked on everything from embedded processors to IBM AS/400s. If I can get my hands on it, I can bend it to my will.

So in the last 20+ years I have worked on dozens of projects, ran a couple of game studios (managing between 5 and 50 employees), contracted with many large and small companies, helped build a couple businesses, made a ton of friends and have had a great time doing it.

There is no better job in the world.


What services do you provide?

This is really a kind of funny question to me. I don't really have a menu of X, Y and Z things that I do. Most often it comes down to talking with people about their project and helping them put the pieces in place to make it a success. Sometimes I include myself as a piece of the puzzle, other times I just point them in the right direction. These are the types of things I have done in the past at least a few times:

Application Development
If you bring me a design for a product, I can build it for you. I can also just cover the parts that you aren't capable of tackling yourself. Not that it is a requirement, but I hope that your product is for the Macintosh or iPhone. I can build for whichever platform you choose, but prefer these.

Devil's Advocate
Bring me your designs, business plans or product ideas. I will show you what is wrong with them and help you fix them. Or just give you a hug as your hopes and dreams are shattered.

I can help you see the light by helping you convert your existing product to the Macintosh or iPhone.

Do you have a great tech idea and want to start a company to pursue it? I can consult with you to put the company together. I can assist you in the search for talented bodies and help you during the interview process to make sure that they can do what they need to.

Bail Out
Do you have a project that is way overdue? Has your lead engineer left in the middle of development? Has the architecture for your product proven to not work as you had hoped? Is your development team struggling with each other socially? I can help get things back on track.