These are various projects that I have worked on as well as a description of my role in the project. I have tried to keep this list manageable by excluding any products that didn't make it to release as well as the smaller tools and utilities that were developed solely for a specific project. I have also left off projects that are still under NDA. I know that I have forgotten at least a few projects, so if you were a client and don't see your project in this list (and you would like to), send me an email to refresh my memory and I will put it up here.

Schoola (2014)
Schoola for iPhone and iPad

Developed the client app as the sole developer using the spec provided by Schoola. Lots of client/server networking to provide product descriptions and allow secure purchasing. Primarily developed using UIKit.

MacIPAC 2 (2013)
Ultimarc for MacOS X

Designed and developed a new version of the MacIPAC program that I released back in 2005. A complete rewrite that supports Ultimarc's newest I-PAC hardware and has a lot of improvements.

You can find it here: MacIPAC

Horror Movie Maker (2012)
Lions Gate Films via HeavenSpot for iPhone

Developed the audio/video compositing and effects engine that powers the app.

StockTouch (2011)
Visible Market LLC for iPad and iPhone

Assisted in the design of the app. Developed the fundamental architecture and technology for the client/server functionality. Developed the client app as the sole developer.

textRace (2010)
textPlus Labs for iPhone

Built the app using textPlus Labs designs.

rezycle (2009)
Evolution Interactive for MacOS X

Being an old-school Mac developer, I had a few projects sitting around that were written using resource files. Unfortunately, there aren't any programs (like ResEdit) that let you access or use resource files/forks anymore. So, I decided to write one! I put together rezycle to grab resources from old apps and convert them into modern formats. It has come in quite handy for folks making new versions of classic Mac software.

You can find it here: rezycle

Ziggy Marley's Music Mixer (2009)
AppWagon for iPhone

Built the app as the sole programmer using AppWagon designs. Developed 4 track music engine and custom sound system and format that guarantees that all tracks stay synced, loop and swap out with no interruptions.

Dr. Kerthunk's Goop (2009)
Evolution Interactive for iPhone

Designed and programmed the game while leading the team of 2 artists and a sound engineer.

Disney Fairies Fly! (2008)
Disney Interactive for iPhone

Assisted in preparing the game for release. Mostly involved bug stomping and optimizations.

MetaSquares (2008)
MetaTools for MacOS X and iPhone

Developed the internal engine that referees the game as well as the AI player.

Mixdown and Peak Analyzer (2008)
TuneRooms for Windows / Online

Developed two programs behind the scenes in TuneRooms. The first is the Mixdown program that takes any number of mp3 tracks and mixes them together each with independent mix levels and then outputs the result into a new mp3 file. The Peak Analyzer program scans an mp3 file and returns VU meter information that is used to display waveform data within the user interface.

exo (2007)
Evolution Interactive for MacOS X and Windows

Took the Spark 2 library to the next level. Added in a whole bunch of neato new things as well as converting the entire engine over to OpenGL.

MacIPAC (2005)
Ultimarc for MacOS X

Designed and developed an application to program the various IPAC devices created by Ultimarc. An IPAC is a circuit board that is used to hook up arcade controls and buttons to your computer via USB.

Automated Vehicle Locator Client (2004)
Applied GIS for Mobile (J2ME)

Developed a mobile application that grabbed coordinates from the built-in GPS and occasionally uploaded them to a server where it was combined with maps in order to show a history of movement as well as the current location of the phone. Last I heard, it was to be used by the New York snowplow crews in order to improve the efficiency of dispatching plows.

Tetris Deluxe (2004)
Blue Lava Wireless for Mobile (J2ME and Brew)

Managed the team and developed the game.

Babel On (2004)
Blue Lava Wireless for Mobile (J2ME)

Co-designed and developed the game.

Blue Blocks / Blastdown (2004)
Blue Lava Wireless for Mobile (J2ME and Brew)

Managed the team and developed the game.

R2Dict2 (2003)
Blue Lava Wireless for MacOS X and Mobile (J2ME and Brew)

Designed and developed a system that compresses dictionary entries to fit them on a phone. This library became the center of several BLW games (Blue Babel, Dell Magazine's Crosswords and Word Searches). The dictionary that we used for the games had 9011 words in it and the dictionary took a total of 25,266 bytes...and it could verify the spelling of a word instantaneously on even the slowest phones.

Tetris Cascade (2003)
Blue Lava Wireless for Mobile (J2ME and Brew)

Managed the team and developed the game.

kor (2003)
Blue Lava Wireless for Mobile (J2ME)

Designed and developed a mobile version of my Spark library to become the foundation for all future BLW products.

WhackPNG (2003)
Blue Lava Wireless for MacOS X

Designed and developed the greatest PNG compression software in the world.

Mine Hunter / Mime Hunter (2003)
Blue Lava Wireless for Mobile (J2ME)

Managed the team, co-designed and developed the game

Tetris (2002)
Blue Lava Wireless for Mobile (J2ME and Brew)

Managed the team and developed the game.

Spark 2 (2002)
Evolution Interactive for MacOS X

Updated and improved the Spark library to focus on MacOS X development.

Tetris Worlds (2001)
THQ for GameBoy Advance, PC, Xbox, Playstation 2, and GameCube

Helped build the GBA version of the game by assisting in integrating Tengine. I supported the development of all the other versions.

Heroes of Might and Magic III: Complete (2000)
3DO for MacOS

Converted Windows game to MacOS.

Tetrion Editor / Tengine (2000)
Blue Planet Software / The Tetris Company for Editor: MacOS / Engine: Any

Designed and built a development system that produces Tetris games. The Tetrion Editor is a MacOS-based tool that the game designers use to rapidly prototype new variations and rules for games within the Tetris franchise. It is completely configurable with a custom scripting language that is used to implement the rules. The engine outputs TPF files which are then read by the Tengine. The Tengine is a platform agnostic library that implements the rules of Tetris according to a loaded TPF file. This allows many Tetris variants to be created without changing any code, but merely swapping out the data files.

myTrack Access Library (2000)
Trendsetter Software for MacOS

Created a networking library to allow client access to the myTrack real-time online stock trading and market data system.

Heroes of Might and Magic III (1999)
New World Computing / 3DO for MacOS

Converted Windows game to MacOS.

Spark (1999)
Evolution Interactive for MacOS

Developed a library to ease porting of Windows products over to the MacOS. Also came in handy for just making MacOS stuff.

Arcomage (1999)
New World Computing for Windows

Helped out with getting this game out the door.

Digital Cable Interface (1998)
Oceanic Cable for AS/400 and Solaris

Built a TCP/IP interface system to allow their AS/400 system to send commands to an array of Solaris boxes that controlled their soon-to-be-deployed digital cable service.

boogaloopers (1997)
Stick Man Games for MacOS and Windows

Managed the team, co-designed and developed the game.

Sentinels of Ceth (1997)
Stick Man Games for MacOS and Windows

Managed the team, co-designed and developed the game

GDX (1996)
Stick Man Games for MacOS and Windows

Designed and developed a cross-platform game engine as a replacement for the now aging Igor library. It worked quite well and allowed us to build games with very little tweaking between Mac and Windows.

Chaos Overlords (1996)
New World Computing for MacOS and Windows

This project was a ton of fun. I did most of the programming (everything except the AI and the Windows conversion). The design was shared between the team. I even got to build some 3d models for some of the items. We decided that it absolutely needed to be played multiplayer, so I got some modem play going. I then built in TCP/IP networking to make it playable over this new system called the "Internet". After getting it all built, we went in search of a publisher and stumbled upon New World Computing.

NetherWorld (1995)
Stick Man Games for MacOS

Developed the game NetherWorld, a bizarre game in which you were a TV evangelist flying an airplane around hell trying to save the souls of the damned. We were definitely under the influence of Sinistar when designing this one. We then proceeded to run floppy disks through our disk copier, print labels and stuff mailing envelopes. What were we thinking?!?

Igor (1994)
Stick Man Games for MacOS

Designed and developed a library for developing games. It covered all the basics Video, Audio and IO. It was used to develop NetherWorld and Chaos Overlords.

Barbarian (1988)
Bullet Proof Software Japan for NEC PC-8801 & PC-9801

This was a crazy adventure of a project. We were porting Psygnosis' Barbarian from the Amiga to a couple of computers that really were vastly inferior. We needed to rewrite the game completely in assembly language and pull every trick in the book to shoehorn the game into these machines. I ran the conversion effort and built the 8801 version while Jim Morris banged away on the 9801 version.

The Bard's Tale (1987)
Electronic Arts Japan for NEC PC-8801 & PC-9801

I started off as a tools programmer on the project and moved into optimizing all of the graphics routines by converting to assembly language. After we realized that the C compiler we were using was not going to output clean enough code, I started rewriting even more the game into asm.