Building an arcade machine based on a Mac or just want to hook up some arcade controls to your Mac?  If so, then Ultimarc’s line of I-PAC devices makes this a simple task.  MacIPAC lets you configure the I-PAC to output the proper keys for any of your software or emulators.  MacIPAC will also help you test your connections to make sure that your hardware is set up correctly.


Programming tool for Ultimarc’s I-PACs.




MacIPAC knows how to program all I-PAC devices old and new (2015).  This includes support for the I-PAC², I-PAC⁴, I-PAC VE, J-PAC and MiniPAC.

Automatic Programming

Every time you make a change within MacIPAC, your I-PAC device is automatically updated.

Button Testing

Press any button on your control panel and MacIPAC will highlight the button being pressed as well as make a sound.


Mac OS X 10.7 or later.

Only available for Intel Macs


Need something?  Got an idea how to improve MacIPAC?  I would love to hear it.  Just go to the main website and hit the contact link.



MacIPAC is shareware.  Feel free to download and use it as you wish.  All I ask is that if you find it useful, you consider throwing a few bucks my way.  Pick the amount you would like to send in the pop up below.

v2.2.1 (7 Sep 2016)